indieIndie has lost all meaning.  It is like the term “rock ‘n’ roll,” in that it used to refer to something very specific.  But by now, it has become the nomenclatural equivalent of white rice – a catchall term for a style of music, a culture, a mindset, an ethic, and a growing group of record labels that don’t have major money.  However, like hippies before them, indie kids started with a beautiful vision of what music and the music business should be.  This edition of Thriller takes a look at what that vision meant when it started and what it means now through the eyes of three people who should know:  Stephen Malkmus, Steve Turner and Nite Jewel . . .

Malkmus was the brains behind ’90s indie giants, Pavement.  In the indie world, Pavement is untouchable.  Something about their charming sloppiness, Malkmus’ absurd lyrics and the genuine craft that went into their five lo-fi masterpieces still resonates, which is evident in the fact that Pavement’s upcoming reunion shows sold out almost instantly.

Turner is the guitarist in Mudhoney, a band that was at the forefront of the grunge scene.  Although grunge is separate from indie, the two are intimately related.  In fact, without Mudhoney, one of indie’s biggest and most important record labels – SubPop – wouldn’t exist.

Finally, Thomas Callihan’s interview with Nite Jewel gives insight into what it’s like for a so-called “indie” act that is just starting to break right now.  Not to be missed.

As always, enjoy the carefully hand-selected songs in The Playlist, and check out the reviews, articles and what nots.

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